Get happy feet this summer

Beauty knowledgeable and entrepreneur Bharti Taneja has one advice for everyone: “Treat your toes as sparsely as you deal with your face. After all, they bring your whole weight and thus, deserve the entire pampering.” The explanation why for this tip is just for the reason that summer time is upon us and it’s time for sandals and slip-ons – a just right sufficient explanation why to pencil in that pedicure. And now you'll be able to transcend the common scrub-slough-slather regimen. Taneja roots for a sole-soothing paraffin pedicure the place you dip your tootsies in melted paraffin wax for 20 mins. “It helps in deep healing (particularly for cracked heels) and makes your toes tremendous comfortable,” she mentions.
Pedicures have come some distance, insists Mahema Bharadwaj who has co-founded a spa centred on manicures and pedicures. “There has been an expanding development of luxe products and services like spa pedicures that have a extra at ease and luxurious way,” she says. A spa pedicure is customised according to the surface kind, foot problems and wishes of the individual and is most often for an hour. The focal point is extra against a holistic pedicure regimen that leaves you with happy toes and also a contented head! Bharadwaj explains, “The basic regimen stays the similar but we at all times take the condition of nails, ft and skin in consideration to focus on spaces that want particular attention.” What additionally adjustments are the products used.

What you'll be able to additionally give a whirl is the tea tree pedicure the place toes are scrubbed and softened with a sugar scrub infused with tea tree oil. The oil is meant to have antiseptic, anti-wrinkle and revitalising homes. The pedicure is finished the use of diet A & E serum pills that lend a hand keep the happy toes feeling going. Taneja mentions that even with the new options available now, a typical pedicure will stay on because it’s simply reasonably priced. “But ask for add-on products and services like the use of aromatic oils, the use of almond oil for massage, foot facial and deep massage of legs,” she says. If you like painted nails but too lazy to take off and re-apply, Taneja suggests everlasting nail paint or nail art (remains for close to two months) to get Insta-perfect toes.

Bengaluru-based dermatologist Dr Shuba Dharmana swears by way of common foot scrubs at house done with DIY exfoliating gels and filing your own nails as a extra hygienic footcare routine than salon procedures. “If you go for salon procedures, ensure your salon follows sterility measures with pedicure gear. If now not sterilised well it may well unfold fungal infections and warts,” she says.

What else to keep away from? Dharmana advises towards bleach for toes, products with fragrances, now not clipping nails too close to the surface and you probably have nail illness, keeping off fancy nail therapies equivalent to gel polishes. Bharadwaj suggests once-a-month pedicures, particularly for many who wear open sandals. Also Dharmana says toes should be saved dry. And next time, step out in style.

How to get HAPPY FEET

  • Maintain fundamental foot hygiene like changing socks day-to-day, dressed in blank shoes, airing your ft and drying them
  • Keep toes and cuticles moisturised with appropriate lotions and oils
  • Wear sunscreen to your toes too to keep away from tan traces
  • Do a weekly warm-water soak with a bit of salt and shampoo. Add a few drops of aromatic oil to it for a spa-like feel. Finish with a hydrating foot cream or oil
  • Exfoliate your toes within the shower the use of a pumice stone or wood scraper paying additional attention to callouses and hard spots


What you should do

  • Wear at ease clothes
  • Ensure the salon’s hygiene standards are just right
  • The pedicurist will have to sanitise his/her fingers
  • Inform the technician you probably have existing condition like toe fungus, ingrown nails or diabetes and many others.
  • Fix your appointment when you have a just right amount of time with the intention to revel in this ‘me-time’
  • Don’t shave/wax your legs no less than two days prior because it leaves your skin susceptible to infections
  • Make positive your toes doesn’t have any cuts or open wounds
  • If you wear open-toed sandals, time table a pedicure as soon as a month
  • Don’t bleach with out skin checking out

Avoid pedicures, you probably have...

  • Skin issues like eczema, psoriasis, or rashes
  • An open wound
  • Diabetes
  • Nail illness

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