Punjab: Man attempts suicide after killing wife

PATIALA: A center elderly guy in Anandpur Sahib of Punjab's Ropar district attempted suicide after killing his wife for giving start to a 5th lady child. The accused, recognized as Rakesh Kumar, 40, of Jhinjra village is now in executive hospital in Anandpur Sahib and is undeserving to give any observation to the police as he had attempted to silt his throat with a sharp-edged weapon.

The police revealed that the deceased has been recognized as Anita Rani, 35, and had given start to the 5th lady child most effective four months back. The police said that the incident came about at the intervening night time of Tuesday and Wednesday when the accused, Rakesh Kumar, had landed in arguments together with his wife Anita and then all of sudden he got furious and strangulated his wife with a rope lying in the home.

The police have booked the accused under sections of the IPC, including homicide and for attempted suicide. The police revealed that accused used to be running as a labourer and used to be also under despair following financials constraints.

Gurjeet Singh, investigation officer within the case, said, “The accused, Rakesh, strangulated his wife at night time and left the home where all his 5 daughters were crying. One of the neighbours used to be knowledgeable by way of the eldest daughter, 12 years old, about the incident and the police were knowledgeable by way of the morning. Later, when the autopsy used to be being carried out at civil hospital, the accused, Rakesh, all of sudden seemed near the Ambulance 108 where the frame of his wife Anita used to be about to be shifted into the mortuary. Rakesh, inside of no time, in all guilt, slit his throat with a sharp-edged weapon. He used to be in an instant rushed to the docs on the hospital and used to be stored however he faced serious accidents. We may not report his observation as he used to be declared undeserving for it by way of the docs. However, a case used to be registered under sections 302 (homicide) and 309 (punishment for attempted suicide).”

The police added that the autopsy of the deceased lady has been carried out and the frame used to be handed over to the members of the family for cremation to happen.

The police said that further probe into the subject is on, however essentially it had come to light that the accused used to be pissed off over his wife for giving start to a woman child for the 5th time. The police added that all the 5 ladies were under the custody of actual sisters of the deceased lady who were dwelling in within sight villages of Jhinjar village.
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