Centre wooing Asian companies to set up plants in Goa: Suresh Prabhu

PANAJI: Union minister of trade and business Suresh Prabhu on Tuesday said that the central government has proposed to Chinese, Korean and Japanese companies that they set up marine product processing vegetation in Goa so that exports can happen from the state.

Speaking to reporters, Prabhu also said that the Union government is dedicated to solve the mining issue once imaginable. “The (mining) solution may also be legal, administrative, legislative — we will be able to look into all imaginable aspects and the brand new government will do it by operating with the native (state) government,” he said.

Prabhu told reporters that the advance of Goa will have to receive advantages the folk of the state first. He said that Goa depends on 3 issues — mining, tourism and fisheries — and that the federal government would like to increase these sectors in the most sustainable means.

He said that mining, too, may also be carried out in a way that doesn't compromise with the surroundings, and that eco-tourism could be promoted in a way that doesn’t create an antagonistic footprint on the ecology of Goa.

“We already proposed to Japanese, Korean and Chinese companies that they will have to set up processing vegetation in Goa so that value addition of marine product exports can occur in Goa,” he said, including, “For that, we now have get a hold of an agriculture policy.”

Prabhu said that agriculture is crucial part of Goa’s financial system, and that it will have to be one of the vital thrust spaces of Goa’s future development. He added that Goa can be advanced as a logistics hubs for the east and west coasts.

The minister also said that the federal government is having a look at startups to boost Goa’s financial system. “We will hang a startup competition every year in Goa, by which best players come and add jobs,” he said. “We don’t need to increase Goa in a way which doesn't receive advantages Goans.”

He said that Goa would proceed to obtain attention from the Centre, if PM Narendra Modi forms the federal government after May 23. “We look forward to Goans reposing their self belief in the two BJP candidates and electing them as MPs,” he said.

Centre wooing Asian companies to set up plants in Goa: Suresh Prabhu Centre wooing Asian companies to set up plants in Goa: Suresh Prabhu Reviewed by Kailash on April 17, 2019 Rating: 5
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