Anand Vihar: Maid in the day, Ms Hyde after work

NEW DELHI: During the day, Reshma Praveen labored as a home assist in Anand Vihar in east Delhi. After work, on the other hand, there was a unexpected transformation in her. She coated her face with a scarf, rode pillion on her partner’s motorcycle and snatched gold chains and purses from women in the same locality. Later she returned home, along with her circle of relatives unaware of the double existence she was been main for five months now.

Praveen’s run ended on Monday night, when she was stuck red-handed after a failed snatching strive in GTB Enclave. Her partner, Guddu, was later nabbed by way of the police officers too.

Atul Kumar Thakur, DCP (North-East), mentioned that police have been in the strategy of ascertaining the legal previous of both Praveen and Guddu. The police officers found out that Praveen is the daughter of a contractor and hails from Vaishali district in Bihar. Five months ago, she had moved to the slums of Old Seemapuri along with her circle of relatives where she met Guddu, a resident of Karawal Nagar.

Praveen started running as a home maid in Anand Vihar and left home every morning for work. After finishing work, she could be picked up on his motorcycle by way of Guddu. Their questioning revealed that Guddu were occupied with some incidents of snatching and theft in the past and shared his reports with Praveen.

Apparently, he casually asked her someday if she sought after to attempt a grab. She agreed, and later rode the motorcycle while committing the primary of a series of crimes. The police officers mentioned that the joys of the road crime made her often go out on such expeditions with Guddu.

The two would journey around bus stands, department stores and the railway station and take whatever came their means. As her prowess higher, Praveen additionally started going out with Guddu’s pals on snatching rides. This facet of her existence remained hidden to her circle of relatives and to the home homeowners where she went for work.

On Monday, the lady signalled Guddu to take the motorcycle close to a girl dressed in a gold chain. They approached her from at the back of and Praveen grabbed the necklace, but Guddu misplaced his steadiness and the motorcycle skidded, throwing both of them at the road, where they have been confronted by way of a crowd. While Guddu controlled to evade seize, Praveen was overpowered with a portion of the snatched chain still in her arms. She was taken into custody and is being puzzled by way of the police officers.

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