Red carpet welcome for voters in 50 model booths

MOHALI: Long queues and lack of amenities at polling booths have regularly kept citizens away. But for the parliamentary elections due on May 19 in Punjab, the Mohali district aims to ensure that maximum other folks vote.

Mohali district is all set to introduce 50 style polling stations and amenities for differently-abled citizens at polling booths. Deputy commissioner Gurpreet Kaur Sapra mentioned such polling booths shall be based on the tips issued by way of the Election Commission of India (ECI).

Sapra mentioned, "People are not willing to spend hours standing in the heat, waiting in queues for their turn to cast their vote. Rather, they prefer not to vote. The Election Commission wants to ensure that maximum people vote to maintain the principles of democracy of people's participation. For that we have decided to make voter-friendly polling stations across the district."

The style polling booths will serve to address considerations of the citizens, she mentioned. Model polling booths may have a living room fitted with pink carpet the place other folks can take a seat, till their turn comes. It may have drinking water and sanitation amenities for many who seek advice from the polling sales space. There shall be air coolers (if required) and enough illumination in the voting rooms.

Sapra mentioned, "Voters will be given a red-carpet welcome. Mohali has an emerging urban voter population. We want to make voting an exercise of great importance and encourage people to vote."

She added that the atmosphere shall be homely and given a festive appearance. There shall be first-aid kits and creche amenities for babies who accompany citizens. "We hope to continue this initiative across other polling booths in the state during future elections," Sapra added.

She mentioned this time the district administration will give special amenities to differently-abled individuals enabling them to solid their votes. Many other folks do not vote due to the trouble of going to the booths and incapability to solid their votes, she mentioned.

"The Election Commission has issued guidelines to ensure that maximum people from the differently-abled community vote. As per the commission directive, the state government has undertaken three initiatives. Each booth has been assigned a certain number of wheelchairs based on the number of differently-abled voters. Booth Level Awareness Group (BAG) members have been requested to assist voters. Booth level officers have been ordered to strictly follow these directives. Magnifying glasses have been arranged at the polling stations to help senior and partially visually-impaired citizens. Vehicles for pick and drop of differently-abled and senior citizens from home to the polling booth and vice versa, have been arranged in Mohali," she added.

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