Posters show Rahul being 'feted' by Jaish chief

LUCKNOW: Posters attacking Congress President Rahul Gandhi for referring Jaish-e-Mohammad leader Azhar Masood with Hindi honorific 'Ji' had been noticed in numerous portions of his parliamentary constituency Amethi on Wednesday.

The poster, publish by means of a Bhartiya Janata Party Yuva Morcha employee Shubham Tewari, said that Amethi didn't want an MP who addressed a terrorist with respectful suffixes. "Atankwadi ko ji kahe.. aiisa sansad amethi ko nahi chahiye," it read.

It additional said, "Desh ke PM ka Apmaan Kare... Atankwadi ka samman kare aisa sansad Amethi ko nahi manzoor (Amethi cannot approve of a MP who insults the PM and pays respect to a terrorist)."

Reasoning his act, Tewari mentioned: "Rahul Gandhi has embarassed the people of India by showing respect to a terrorist. And people of Amethi feel extremely bad because Rahul Gandhi represents them... as a well-wisher of Amethi, I decided to show my resentment through the poster."

It is also famous that whilst addressing booth staff in New Delhi, Rahul Gandhi used the suffix 'ji' whilst relating to the Jaish-e-Mohammad leader. Almost 5 hours after the slip, BJP used to the moment to attack Congress party president and questioned his nationalist feelings.

Central minister Smriti Irani and Rahul's arch rival in Amethi straight away took a jibe from her twitter deal with. "What's common between Pakistan and Rahul Gandhi? Their love for terrorist... " she said.

Congress leaders said that Rahul Gandhi used to be being quoted out of context. "The BJP didn't read the sarcasm in Rahul Gandhi's words. Offended by our attack on them, they countered with their propaganda," mentioned Deepak Singh, Congress MLC from Amethi.

Congress spokesperson Anshu Awasthi added, "Rahul Gandhi also said that Jaish-e-Mohammand may be responsible for the Pulwama attack, but the BJP is to be blamed for the release of Masood Azhar... Thus, BJP's hashtags against our president (such as #Rahullovesterrorists) is nothing but another attempt to divert public attention from real issues like farm crisis, unemployment, sufferings of the business community due to GST."
Posters show Rahul being 'feted' by Jaish chief Posters show Rahul being 'feted' by Jaish chief Reviewed by kailash soni on March 13, 2019 Rating: 5
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