Leopard enters house in Palitana

RAJKOT: A leopard sneaked into a house in Navagadh locality of Palitana in Bhavnagar district and mauled two persons early morning on Thursday. One of the sufferers locked the large cat into a room and informed the forest division, which caged it.

The injured had been known as Natu Mali and Jaisinh Gohel. “The leopard had strayed into their house from the valley of Shetrunji on the lookout for prey. Once inside the home, the leopard may no longer in finding its way out and started growling, following which Mali and Gohel aroused from sleep.

Finding itself cornered, the large cat attacked and mauled them. Mali confirmed his presence of mind and locked the leopard in a room and informed us,” said a forester.

The foresters caged the leopard after injecting it with a sedative dart.
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