Controversy over corporator’s visit to theme park

VADODARA: A seek advice from by means of Vadodara Municipal Corporation (VMC) opposition corporator Ami Ravat and her husband , Congress spokesperson Narendra Ravat, to the AATAPI Wonderland theme park sparked a big row.

The theme park is a public-private partnership challenge that has arise on land owned by means of the VMC where a lawn existed earlier. Ami has been raising questions in regards to the arrangement and has objected to top ticket charges on the lawn that earlier gave get entry to for small charges.

“The VMC has given land and large amount of funding has come from the tourism department and GSFC Ltd. Why is the non-public agency charging top ticket rates when it has now not made any primary investments,” said Ami.

The duo pointed out that in spite of repeated makes an attempt, the parks and gardens department of the civic body did not share main points of the settlement. Eventually, a senior engineering reliable used to be approached and promised main points on Monday. “In the period in-between, we went to the park to look things for ourselves,” said Ami.

Ami added that to start with the personnel on the park used to be cooperative and agreed to show them around. But later they had been asked to come back to the gate where a person asked them to buy tickets. “I went there as an elected representative to look the place. It is obvious that they sought after to create needless complications. We left the site and will take motion after you have the challenge main points,” she said.

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