Bengaluru: Gold worth Rs 37 lakh smuggled in door locks, underwear

BENGALURU: Gold smugglers incessantly adopt cutting edge ways to deceive customs sleuths at Kempegowda International Airport. On Tuesday, two attempts to smuggle in 1.1kg of gold value over Rs 37 lakh — one where the yellow steel was once crafted as components of door locks and the other where it was once carried in paste shape within a passenger’s underwear — have been foiled at KIA.
Sources with the Air Intelligence Unit (AIU) of Bangalore customs mentioned their team carried out profiling of passengers who disembarked from Gulf Air flight GF 282 (Bahrain to Bengaluru) that landed at KIA at 3.55am.

Following suspicion, customs officials intercepted a male passenger who was once later known as a 50-year-old from Uttar Pradesh. He had travelled from Saudi Arabia. After wondering him, the team inspected his check-in luggage to seek out door locks. On dismantling them, they discovered six gold biscuits value Rs 18.7 lakh. The suspect carried the gold throughout the locks, assuming customs officials would clear them as hardware pieces as some components have been painted in golden colour.

The seized gold biscuits weighed 566gm and the consignment from the Gulf was once scheduled to be brought to participants of a gold-smuggling ring waiting outside the airport, officials suspect.

Body scan finds yellow steel paste

In the second case, customs authentic nabbed a person who landed at Bengaluru airport in a Qatar Airways flight (QR 572) from Doha at 1.57am. When questioned, the passenger from Mangaluru couldn’t give convincing solutions about his consult with to Doha. Customs sleuths subjected him to a body scan, right through which it was once discovered that he was once dressed in an underwear full of gold paste. The seized steel value Rs 18.3 lakh in Indian market weighed 553gm, sources added.

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