A politician willing to bide his time for the big kill

It was almost definitely 2011. Manohar Parrikar emerged from the North Goa collector’s administrative center and stopped for a short lived exchange in the street. He was a pacesetter of opposition then and it was not unusual to find him in a dusty govt administrative center in pursuit of a few document, a case or quite simply to prod the device. This was a facet of him quite rare in politicians who see themselves a notch above the crowd once elections are received. It pointed too to the impatience of a man driven via the want to get issues accomplished his manner. Years later the former BJP MLA Vishnu Wagh would say to me, “the problem with Parrikar is that he thinks he on my own knows the whole lot”.
Reporters at the ground are ceaselessly privy to discussions, conversations, off-the-cuff remarks that politicians wouldn’t make ahead of TV cameras. In one example two folks reporters ran into him out of doors his chamber in the meeting. He was livid we’d written about a corruption case under his watch. “Do you know the ability of a chief minister?” he stated in a raised voice. “Have you any idea of the size of budgets he handles?” His point being, that anyone who handled initiatives of such humungous price wouldn’t hassle risking his popularity over a dismissible amount. He got here eventually to learn how to now not take complaint so personally and later got very adept at “managing” the media.

But it was more the years out of energy, the seven years of biding his time for the kill in 2012 that the majority defined Parrikar the flesh presser.

Having tried and did not move the edge of energy with the saffron gambit in 2007, the Congress’ political hara-kiri under Digambar Kamat equipped Parrikar with the spurs for 2012. The disillusionment of the Catholic voter was palpable. Against the recommendation of his RSS internal clique, he wooed the church heavily. It helped no doubt that the BJP, practically synonymous with him in Goa, gave him a large berth. Where saffron presence was negligible—as in some constituencies in Salcete—Congress rebels were heavily financed. He did this to some extent in 2017 as relating to Govind Gaude thru whom the BJP despatched Pandurang Dhavalikar packing.

Political ruthlessness has its barriers regardless that on the subject of convincing the voter, and the ‘grasp strategist’ was discovered short of in 2017 when the BJP was punished for failed promises and U-turns under a central authority that had a complete majority.

Was Parrikar the person different from Parrikar the flesh presser? I believe in the later years the 2 was so inextricably intertwined that a non-political character almost definitely ceased to exist. In an interview to me some years ago, Parrikar stated he’d keep in politics 10 years at maximum. Power, he stated, now not most effective corrupted but in addition blinded you to fact. In the tip, the want to keep in energy—overturning even an electoral defeat—and the illusion of his own indispensability is what almost definitely did him maximum harm.
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