Now focus on tiger prey base, habitat: Experts

AHMEDABAD: If Gujarat needs to be the one state in India this is home to a few large cats — lions, tigers, and leopards — it is going to have to ensure good enough prey base in Central Gujarat and Dang and should get ready a plan to rehabilitate folks.

“If Gujarat needs to conserve tigers, it is going to have to create a countrywide park or a sanctuary spanning a minimum of 500-800 squarekm, which will area a sizeable inhabitants of tigers,” stated Y V Jhala, knowledgeable on large cats who is associated with the National Tiger Conservation Authority. “Lions can reside as regards to folks, however tigers need remoted spaces.”

Jhala stated to create a sanctuary, the Gujarat wooded area department should relocate folks from Dang by way of offering a repayment package deal that may convince them to move voluntarily. He stated that when the sanctuary is free of folks, the dept should be sure that the inhabitants of chital and sambhar is greater in the space.

Jhala stated one or two tigers can't create a strong inhabitants. “We want a sizeable inhabitants so that Gujarat turns into one more state wanting tiger conservation,” he stated. A lone tiger is not going to live to tell the tale for lengthy, he stated.

A Ok Saxena, the main chief conservator of forests (wildlife), stated: “Even if a wandering tiger visits the state, the state should create habitat for it.” Saxena stated the state should maintain the tiger corridor in which it enters the state.

Priyavrat Gadhvi, a wildlife skilled and member of the state wildlife board, stated: “I expect the influx of extra tigers into the state over the next 10 years. The state will have to have trained and devoted group of workers for managing the tiger habitat.” Gadhvi stated that the state will have to have an action plan able to deal with the tiger inhabitants over the next 10 years. “We will absorb this issue for dialogue in the subsequent state wildlife board assembly,” Gadhvi stated.

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