Man loses Rs 2.7 lakh to conman

MANGALURU: In a bid to enquire concerning the Rs 30,000 he lost due to a failed transaction thru a cellular payment app, ended in a man shedding Rs 2.7 lakh to a conman who posed as a customer care executive.

Kundan Kumar, 29, who at the start hails from Bihar however is staying at Hoige Bazaar here since his youth, wanted to transfer Rs 30,000 to his kin back house. For this, he chose to transfer the cash by way of Google Pay, the internet provider giant’s cellular app to make on-line bills. Though the cash got deducted from his account, the transaction failed as his kin didn't obtain the cash, and neither did the cash get refunded to his account. Hence, Kumar sought to take the assistance of customer care in resolving the issue. While surfing the internet for the customer care quantity, the search engine threw a host on his show.

As Kumar registered his complaint with the ‘customer care executive’, he was informed that he would obtain a code on his phone, which he needed to ship across on any other quantity that the manager would supply him. Kumar ended up sharing all his bank details at the new quantity with a hope of improving Rs 30,000. The person at the different end confident him that the cash will be refunded inside 24 hours.

To his dismay, Kumar awoke the next morning most effective to understand that Rs 2.7 lakh were siphoned off from his account thru a UPI transaction. An investigation is on.

Man loses Rs 2.7 lakh to conman Man loses Rs 2.7 lakh to conman Reviewed by kailash soni on February 14, 2019 Rating: 5
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