Dramatic tribute to college founder Katie Wilcox

MADURAI: Students of Lady Doak College (LDC) got here up with a unique way of paying tribute to the school founder, Katie Wilcox, by way of staging an interesting drama on Wednesday depicting her life tale. The drama used to be enacted as part of the platinum jubilee celebrations of the school.
Over 1,500 scholars, staff and enthusiasts witnessed the drama in the school auditorium.

Well-known playwright and artist and previous professor of drama at Tamil University, Thanjavur, M Ramaswamy directed the 90-minute musical play titled “Aathimai Ver” (Roots). The play used to be organised by way of the Tamil department and research centre of LDC.

Apart from Ramaswamy, the staff comprised a complete of 12 artists – all scholars from the Tamil department – and two scholars who helped with the song for the play.

The scholars enacted how Wilcox got here to India as an American missionary, how she to begin with worked in the now Capron Hall Higher Secondary School in the city and what instigated her to begin the primary exclusive women’s school in the city.

Ramaswamy told IdealNews that existing writeups about Wilcox had supplied contradictory information and hence he had to do proper research prior to writing the script. “When it involves historical past, we will be able to reach the target market in a greater way if we add fictional parts. But we will have to ensure that the fictitious parts don’t dominate the real historical past, and I directed it accordingly,” he added.

The play used to be staged twice on Wednesday and would be staged couple more occasions on Thursday, as neatly.

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