Self-made bussinessmen’s tales unfold at Race Course

COIMBATORE: Cutouts of 20 visionaries, whose skill and entrepreneurial ventures constructed the industrial and financial spine of town, dot the walking observe at Race Course. They have been post by way of The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE) as part of the ongoing Kovai Vizha celebrations to commemorate them for their function in making Coimbatore an industrial town.
Curated by way of noted historian Rajesh Govindarajulu, on display are cutouts of Swamikannu Vincent, Textool Balasundaram, L G Varadaraj, G D Naidu, R Ok Venkatsamy Naidu and R Ok Shanmugha Chettiar, amongst others. The cutouts include small anecdotes about their contribution to town’s construction.

The event used to be inaugurated at That’s Y On The Go on Friday evening in the presence of the family members of the entire 20 visionaries.

Speaking on the event, TiE president Hemalatha Annamalai stated they'd worked with many marketers, who at all times sought after to know how town’s ecosystem of family businesses happened. “Lots of them sought after to know how town used to be carved out or developed by way of those males, who have been all self-made. So, we wanted to showcase how those visionaries created their ventures and overcame troubles with meagre assets.”

The event organizer, Ranjana Singhal, stated many people were not aware concerning the wealthy historical past of town and how it got its recognition of being an industrial and entrepreneurial town. “Many of us are inspired by way of the laborious work those visionaries. So, we idea we could create awareness on the town’s wealthy industrial historical past.”

N M Manickam, son of N Mahalingam, who’s also featured among the visionaries, spoke about how different communities in the town work as a family and lend a hand each other without feeling “jealousy”. “There is a goodwill here that can't be noticed in different places. It is the water and the earth.”

Govindarajulu also took other people down town’s historical past, offering anecdotes that many historical past books also shouldn't have. “Not many people know that G Ok Devarajulu went on an year-long industrial tour of the arena after the World War II with Sir Vishweshwaraiyya, the diwan and architect of Mysuru. People also don’t know that L G Varadarajulu used to be the first one who came out with a corporate set-up including shareholders, board contributors and employees, and so forth.,” he stated.

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