Gang robs three men of gold ornaments

MYSURU: In three separate incidents, a gang posing as officials from the Central Bureau of Investigation or sleuths from the crime branch and Criminal Investigation Department (CID) robbed three people in the town on Saturday. Mysuru town police have launched a probe into the robberies.

City police said that the primary of the 3 robberies befell in Siddartha Nagar round 9am on Saturday. Mahadev, a resident of the locality, was out on a stroll when a person approached him, figuring out himself as an official of the crime branch. “He started chatting with me in Hindi, and after I advised him I didn't know the language, he switched to English. He advised me that thieves were targeting other people strolling with a number of gold ornaments, and asked me to hide them well. He even introduced a work of cloth to hide my ornaments safely. I gave him 40g of my gold jewellery, and advised him to tuck them into the cloth. A couple of mins later, he gave me the bundle and sped off on a motorbike. When I opened the cloth, I discovered my ornaments missing,” Mahadev’s complaint to police learn.

A couple of hours later, a gang of 3 stopped, posing as CBI officials, stopped a person in VV Mohalla, and subjected him to an inspection under the pretext of checking for medication. The trio went in the course of the contents of the sufferer, Krishnaprasad’s pockets and rummaged his wallet. “They then advised me to remove my gold chain and ring, which jointly weighed 35g, and asked me to tie it up in a cloth,” his complaint learn. The complaint went on to add that Krishnaprasad discovered his jewellery missing when he opened the cloth bundle at home.

Shivalingu was the third sufferer. While travelling on his two-wheeler in VV Puram, he was chased through a duo. Introducing themselves as CID officials, they spun the same yarn about the want to keep gold ornaments safely, and out came the piece of cloth that they only too willingly introduced to Shivalingu. Not in contrast to the two previous victims, Shivalingu, who promptly gave them his ornaments, discovered them missing when he untied the bundle at home.

Police have registered an FIR, and a probe into the 3 incidents is under manner.

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