Fire department seals mall with shops, hospitals in Amroli

SURAT: Fire & Emergency Services of Surat Municipal Corporation sealed a shopping complicated on Amroli Road on Thursday. During inspection, no fireplace protection equipment was once found within the shopping complicated which has 5 hospitals and 46 shops.

Chief fireplace officer Basant Parikh stated, “This is just one case. Many such shopping centres in town don’t have fireplace protection equipment, if truth be told it must be put in within the development premises sooner than they are given development use certificate (BUC). When owners get BUC, then they don’t care about fireplace protection techniques. Maintenance of fire protection techniques is not excellent enough in lots of the buildings.” Fire & Emergency Services department has issued over 800 notices to other establishments for now not having proper fireplace protection equipment since November 26, 2018 after two persons have been killed and 8 students injured in a fire at a complex at Vesu.

Majority of those issued notices are town department stores, shopping centres, private tuition categories, hospitals, motels, restaurants, residential and commercial complexes.

NV Upadhayay, deputy commissioner, SMC, stated, “Our emphasis is on compliance of fire protection norms by means of all. In the remaining two months, now we have been a hit in getting fireplace protection techniques put in in about 70 according to cent of the puts to whom notices have been issued. Still a lot has too be done in this regard.”

Apart from sealing the a development for non-compliance, SMC may be mulling stringent measures like cancelling Gumasta Dhara, a compulsory registration required for doing industry, to make sure that fireplace protection is not left out by means of anyone within the town.

Fire department seals mall with shops, hospitals in Amroli Fire department seals mall with shops, hospitals in Amroli Reviewed by Kailash on January 11, 2019 Rating: 5
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