CMC takes charge of 13 villages, 180 employees

CHANDIGARH: After a lot deliberation, the UT management on Thursday completed the switch of 13 villages to the Chandigarh Municipal Corporation in conjunction with 180 personnel contributors including the block construction and panchayat officer (BDPO).

With this transfer, the UT engineering department has divided all of the merged villages into different divisions or zones to carry out developmental works in those spaces.

Following the merger, the MC is now looking at obtaining all of the data of the villages from the agricultural construction department of the UT management as a lot of courtroom instances and legal issues of the dept are pending with the management. From now on, all such instances will probably be handled by the civic body authority.

Significantly, since there will probably be no political representatives of those merged villages till the following civic elections are held in 2021, municipal commissioner KK Yadav will act as their father or mother. Therefore, all of the works and required products and services pertaining to the newly added villages will probably be provided or ensured by the commissioner.

“We have gained the checklist of all of the workers of the agricultural construction and panchayat department of the Chandigarh management, which come with regular, contractual and outsourced workers. Majority of the staffers belong to the sanitation department, while the remaining fall under the executive wing. After the village merger, we have additionally began the process of obtaining the data,” mentioned the municipal commissioner.

Besides workers and other personnel, the infrastructure of the agricultural construction and panchayat department has been passed over to the civic body. The MC gained the checklist of automobiles and other infrastructure from the dept on Wednesday.

Rural construction and panchayat department director Radhika Singh met the municipal commissioner at his place of business on Thursday and mentioned the a very powerful issues and requirements of the newly merged villages with him.
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