Celebrate Sankranti with new-age pithes

It’s that time of the 12 months when happiness knows no bounds for the sweet-loving Bengalis. After all, it’s wintry weather, because of this it’s the time for nolen gur. Makar Sankranti is also going down and pithes are a must have. The most well liked form of pithe is the patisapta, which is not anything however grated coconut cooked in nolen gur or kheer, wrapped in layers of rice and flour dough. Puli pithe is also a favorite. And with Makar Sankranti celebrations on, there are also a couple of pithe puli utsavs going down in the city. The gala's have a huge variety of leading edge pithes on be offering including chocolate pithe, mango pithe or even koraishutir pithe.

And now, many fine-dining restaurants too are bobbing up with quirky pithe options and ditching the normal coconut and kheer stuffing. City cooks are the usage of hen, mutton keema and bhetki maachh, amongst others, as fillings. A die-hard pithe and puli lover, actress Priyanka Sarkar, also gorges on the wintry weather delicacies. She stated, "The way pithe and puli are made is quite intriguing. I just love to eat narkel aar gurer patisapta! Winter is incomplete without pithe puli and payesh. Diet goes for a toss during this time." We scoured a couple of eateries to deliver you the best pithes available in the city. So what are you looking ahead to? Dig in to a mouthful of delicious pithes...

Nonta pithe, someone?

Pithe Bilashi, a cafe opposite Deshbandhu Girls College, Kalighat, as the name suggests, specialises in quite a lot of pithes and patisaptas, except for an elaborate Bengali delicacies menu. The conventional style of pithe, as everyone knows, is nice. But this restaurant has earned a name for themselves in the nonta, or salty, pithe categories. Their Butter Bhetki Fish Patisapta is a runaway hit with foodies. It’s made on a tava smeared with coriander leaves after which the pithe batter is unfold on it. It is filled with boneless bhetki and fried on a low flame. Says Nabanita Chakraborty, proprietor of the restaurant, “Initially, when the shoppers hear about nonta patisapta or fish patisapta for that subject, they don’t seem too willing to check out it. But after tasting it, they are simply amazed and wish to check out more.”
The different patisaptas on the menu come with butter hen, mutton keema and gondhoraj fish. Two different distinctive patisaptas from Pithe Bilashi are the Nolen Ice Cream Gokul Pithe and Mango Nolen Patisapta. The Nolen Ice Cream Gokul Pithe has a stuffing of kheer, nolen gur and cashew nut paste, blended with nolen gur ice cream. The pithe also comes with a topping of liquid nolen gur. On the other hand, the Mango Nolen Patisapta has a coating of mango pulp and rice powder with a kheer, nolen gur and cashew nut paste stuffing.

Varieties galore

Confectioners Balaram Mullick & Radharaman Mullick has a name of bringing new diversifications to standard Bengali sweets. During wintry weather, they make over 15 types of pithes. Their best-selling pieces come with the Bhapa Pither Madeleine, Nolen Gurer Patisapta with Brandy Butter and Tiler Bhaja Pithe dipped in Maple Syrup. The Bhapa Pithe Madeleine is the great ol’ bhapa pithe comprised of a standard recipe. It is made softer by way of including chhena and sugar so that the outer coating also tastes heavenly, just like its stuffing. Then, it’s steamed in madeleine moulds.

Says Sudip Mullick, proprietor, “As much as the normal pithes are in call for, individuals are also in a position to experiment with the quirky options. We make a huge variety of pithes and the push is frustrating, particularly all through Makar Sankranti.” Their Nolen Gurer Patisapta is like a conventional eggless crepe with a filling of coconut cooked in nolen gur and served hot with a topping of cool brandy butter sauce. The Tiler Bhaja Pithe dipped in maple syrup is also a hot favorite. It’s made from grated coconut cooked in nolen gur and stuffed right into a wrap of chenna, rice, flour and sesame paste. The delicacy is smeared with sesame seeds and fried in desi ghee.

Palak patisapta, really?

Yes you learn it right! This wintry weather you'll gorge on patisapta made with palak. The restaurant, 6 Ballygunge Place, has come up with two different types of patisaptas. Not simplest do they look colourful, but in addition style out of this global. First is of course the patisapta with palak or palong shak, and the other is Kesari Chandrapuli.

The batter of the Palak Patisapta accommodates mashed palak except for the regular components wanted for a patisapta. The addition of palak offers a inexperienced color to the dish. The Kesari Chandrapuli, that’s formed like a part moon, has milk and kesar as its primary components.

Pithe with a contemporary twist

Have you ever tasted your favorite pithe made with ranga aloo? If not, then you definately must head to Spice Kraft and indulge in their Ranga Aloor Pithe with Cream Cheese Malai and Bourbon Glaze. It’s merely out of this global. Owner and executive chef of Spice Kraft, Sambit Banick, has modernised the extraordinarily conventional ranga aloor (sweet potato) pithe by way of balancing the earthiness of the tuber with a rather salty-sweet cheese malai and embellishing the style of the sweet dish with tannin (a yellowish or brownish bitter-tasting natural substance present in some galls, barks, and different plant tissues) and bourbon whiskey glaze.

Sweet one thing

Another sweet store, Hindusthan Sweets, also specialises in different types of pithes all through wintry weather. Their top-selling pieces come with Kheerkanti, Khirer Patisapta, Malai Patisapta and Dudh Puli. Says Rabin Pal, proprietor of the shop, “In winters, pithes are one in every of our highest-selling pieces. Also, annually all through Makar Sankranti, we host a pithe pageant where we make 15 different types of pithes.”

From the pithe gala's...

On the occasion of Makar Sankranti, two pithe puli fests kick-started in the city on Saturday. One is the Rajdanga Pithe Puli Utsav and the other is Baghajatin Tarun Sangha Pithey Puli Utsav 2019.

These gala's be offering quite a lot of leading edge pithes and foodies are spoilt for selection. Some of the highest alternatives from the fests are koraishutir pithe, mango pithe, nakshi pithe and boiled pithe, amongst others.

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