Aloysian Lit-fest from February 9 to 16

MANGALURU: The department of postgraduate studies and research in English, St Aloysius College, is organising an ‘Aloysian Literature Festival’ from February 9 to 16. Director, screenwriter and national awardee for two of his motion pictures, Abhaya Simha, will habits a two-day workshop in film appreciation from February 9. A countrywide seminar on ecology and literature is organised on February 11 and 12.

Pramod K Nayar from the University of Hyderabad, Nagesh Hegde, environmentalist and journalist, Naga Raju from Central University of Karnataka, Rajendra Chenni, director of Manasa, Shivasundar, journalist and activist, K S Vaishali from Bangalore University, Vijaya Kumar Boratti from University of Mysore and Raghunandana, poet, playwright and degree director, had been invited as resource individuals. Pramod K Nayar will deliver the keynote cope with.

Raghunandana will habits workshops on ‘Playing the World: Intuition, Enquiry, Insight’ and on ‘Cultural Studies and Critical Thinking through Theatre and Arts appreciation’ from February 13 to 15.

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