Activist gets offer to sell ‘heirloom’ leopard skin

KOLKATA: Officers of the natural world wing of the woodland division on Saturday arrested two individuals for illegal possession and trading of leopard skin when considered one of them sought assist of a State Board for Wildlife member to promote the surface.

The arrest of Sourav Das, who was once running as a conduit, led to the arrest of Tapabrata Majumdar, who turned out to be the “proprietor” of the surface, from his place of dwelling. Leopards are safe underneath the Wildlife Act.


Incidents like this turn out that the marketplace in animal skin and frame parts is as active as ever. It will have to spur govt agencies to go in for an end-to-end clampdown on this business.

Das, who works as a driver, contacted Joydip Kundu, a member of the State Board for Wildlife, and sought assist to sell off the leopard skin in his possession. Kundu was once bowled over through the call and instantly alerted Ravi Kant Sinha, the manager natural world warden, who instantly sent his officials to Kundu’s place of dwelling.

“The accused was once sent through a drivers’ centre to force my automotive once or twice. On Saturday morning, he called me up and requested me to assist him sell off a leopard skin. I was bowled over through the offer. I told Das to convey it to my place of dwelling where I can name the patrons. Officers of the woodland division have been waiting at my place of dwelling posing as shoppers,” stated Kundu.

Das told Kundu that he would promote the leopard skin for Rs 2 lakh. The officers of the natural world wing arrested Das as soon as he produced the leopard skin. When the officers interrogated him and requested how he procured the surface, he led them to Majumdar, a resident of Shyambazar.

The duo has been charged for illegal possession and trading of the surface of leopard, which is safe underneath the Schedule 1of the Wildlife Act. “If proven guilty, they may be able to be imprisoned for up to seven years and penalized Rs 25,000,” stated Somnath Chatterjee, ADFO, headquarters.

Majumdar told the officials that he had received the surface from a cousin a couple of years again. “It turns out the surface of a leopard from north Bengal. It can also be of an animal up to 10 years previous,” stated Chatterjee.

According to an official, folks with any natural world articles of their possession got a possibility to claim them to the government in 2002-2003. “If anybody possess a natural world article as an heirloom, s/he needs to possess it in writing through the natural world division. Else, it is considered illegal,” stated the official.

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