Wasim, the giant, arrives to strengthen kumki squad

COIMBATORE: Kumki elephant Wasim from the Mudumalai Elephant Camp has reached the district to intensify the operation to drive away the two wild elephants that have been raiding human habitation on the Thadagam Valley.

The division was once the usage of kumkis Vijay and Bommi from the Mudumalai camp and Cheran and John from the Sadivayal Elephant Camp for the last one month to thrust back wild elephants Vinayakan and Chinna Thambi. John was once sent back to the camp as he was once in musth.

Wasim, who is a large tusker, will replace John, leader conservator of wooded area (CCF) Deepak Srivastava said. “Vinayakan, who weighs over four.5tonnes, shall be tricky to keep an eye on. We will use destructive conditioning on him. As soon as he is noticed, we will be able to administer a gentle dose of tranquillizer to keep an eye on aggression. The kumkis will then be capable of dominate the scene and drive him back to the wooded area,” he advised TOI. “If our efforts fail, we will be able to be pressured to take the last possibility, which is translocating the tusker.”

The determination was once taken in line with the elephant knowledgeable’s opinion, Srivastava said. Elephant knowledgeable Ajay Desai, who had been learning the behaviour of the wild tuskers from Monday, had submitted his suggestions to the dep. on Thursday.

Meanwhile, district wooded area officer (DFO) D Venkatesh has submitted the report after inspecting the damaged brought about via the tuskers within the last one month after the deployment of the kumkis. “More or less, equal quantity of wear and tear – each on property and plants – was once brought about via the tuskers even after the deployment of the kumkis. While the kumki operation has been performed till the overdue evenings, the tuskers were raiding the human habitations between break of day and dusk,” said Venkatesh.

“Conducting kumki operation right through the night time hours is terribly tricky. We were spraying urine and dung of kumkis along the boundaries of the human habitations to give a sense of presence of alternative elephants to the tuskers. Feeling the presence of the kumkis, the tuskers were moving their location and entry points repeatedly. When the kumkis block a trail, the wild elephants enter thru another trail into the habitation.” he added.

Wasim, the giant, arrives to strengthen kumki squad Wasim, the giant, arrives to strengthen kumki squad Reviewed by Kailash on December 08, 2018 Rating: 5
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