The Cut writer apologises to PC-Nick

A journalist, Mariah Smith of the American website, The Cut, made notorious for her piece questioning Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas' marriage, has issued an apology to the couple and readers for her offensive and hurtful write up. The writer, who went as far as calling Priyanka a “international scam-artist” and implied that she married Nick with an ulterior motive – to get a foothold in Hollywood, took to her social media take care of to “take full responsibility” for her piece and stated, “I used to be mistaken. I'm actually sorry.”
Her whole be aware read, "I sincerely apologize to Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas and to the readers I offended and hurt with my words. I do not condone racism, xenophobia, or sexism. I take full responsibility for what I wrote and I was wrong, I am truly sorry."

This apology comes after the writer of the object and the publication won severe backlash from the couple’s circle of relatives, pals, fanatics and peers.

Madhu Chopra reacts to The Cut article on daughter Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas

While pals, circle of relatives and fanatics unanimously slammed the piece for its “racist and sexist” tone, mom, Madhu Chopra shared her ideas about the same saying that they don’t need to be disturbed by way of such “idiotic issues”.

Priyanka shared her perspectives at the identical, saying that didn't need to react or comment and that it was not even in her stratosphere. She added that she is recently glad and that such random issues couldn’t disturb her.

The Cut pulls down article on Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas after backlash

The piece, that was first published on Tuesday, reportedly called Priyanka a “international scam artist” and insinuated that she is using Nick to strengthen her foothold in Hollywood. The piece even went as far as claiming that Nick allegedly “wed against his will.”

Mommy Madhu Chopra’s feedback at the article, reflected that of PeeCee’s as she stated that she didn’t need to give publicity to “the ones fools”. Calling them “donkeys” she slammed the portal saying their acts didn’t impact them.

Here's what Priyanka Chopra has to say about The Cut's article declaring her marriage with Nick Jonas is fraudulent

Recently, The Cut which is part of the New York mag published a piece on Priyanka and Nick's marriage calling their dating as fraudulent. Now, when Priyanka was asked in regards to the tale, the actress stated that she does not even need to react or comment.

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