'Tenants in non-cessed bldgs to become owners'

MUMBAI: Pagdi tenants dwelling in non-cessed structures before June 13, 1996, are eligible for brand new apartments on every occasion their building is redeveloped, in step with new tips offered through the BMC. Also, if a tenant has transferred the pagdi device flat in the name of someone else after finishing the desired legal formalities, the new occupant can have equivalent rights and will likely be eligible to get lodging after redevelopment.
The new development keep an eye on and promotion regulations (DCPR) encourage redevelopment of pagdi device structures through offering attractive incentives to landlords on basis of the entire area required to rehabilitate the present occupants. After redevelopment, the tenants grow to be flat owners.

Most of such non-cessed structures are located in the suburbs and many of them are in dilapidated condition.

Under the pagdi device, the landlord is the owner of the valuables, but ownership of the valuables lies with tenants, who pay minimal rent because the houses are coated under the Rent Control Act.

Civic officers mentioned that it can be crucial to spot the eligible tenants to give protection to their rights and to ensure that they vacate the premises with out fear when the building is going in for redevelopment. The new tips also stipulate that the landowner should no longer manipulate the scheme through introducing new tenements to add to his FSI incentive, they added.

According to the new DCPR, regardless of the total area the landowner needs to rehabilitate the present tenants, he's going to get part of that area in type of additional development rights to get well the development value and his profit. The regulations additional state that the tenants are entitled to get more area than they recently occupy—minimum area will likely be 300 squareft and maximum 1,292 squareft—free of value. If their area crosses the maximum cap, the tenant will have to pay development value of the extra area to the landowner.

The regulations also state that if two to five tenanted structures are amalgamated for joint redevelopment, the developer gets 60% incentive FSI of the entire area required to rehabilitate the present tenants, in type of additional development rights. If more than 5 such plots are merged, the incentive FSI will likely be 70%, mentioned civic officers. The landowner requires consent of 51% of the entire residents to head for redevelopment and must rehabilitate all the present tenants in the new structure.

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