Sugarcane ryots may stiras crushing delayed again

PONDA: Irked by the frequent postponement of the crushing season, sugarcane farmers have threatened to launch yet some other agitation in front of the Sanjivani Sahakari Sakhar Karkhana at Dharbandora on Saturday morning. Officials of the state’s lone sugar manufacturing unit, on the other hand, claimed that they've now not won the required quantity of cane to get the unit operating.

The farmers had in the past protested the lengthen on November 26, prompting the registrar of cooperative societies to assured them that crushing process would begin on December 5. Factory authorities, who had even planned to begin operations on December 3 after which, on December Eight, now declare to have won just about 525 tonnes of cane in spite of permitting cultivators to harvest their crop from Tuesday.

The minimal quantity required for a 24-hour crushing operation is 1,250 tonnes. Officials stated the present quantity handed by the farmers would slightly ultimate an Eight-hour shift.

President of the Sugarcane Farmers’ Association of Goa, Rajendra Desai, stated that on the subject of 28 teams of labourers were deployed to harvest cane. He additionally stated the farmers concern that the cane provided to the manufacturing unit four days ago may begin dehydrating, and demanded that the crushing season be started at the earliest.

A senior manufacturing unit reliable even stated the unit may incur an useless burden of around Rs 75,000 to restart operations if it needed to start crushing after which forestall for want of crop.

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