Somnath temple to get Rs 43 crore walkway

RAJKOT: The ground-breaking rite or ‘bhoomi pujan’ of a 1,500 metre-long and 7-metre huge walkway for pilgrims resulting in Somnath Temple was once carried out on Thursday.

The rite was once carried out by means of BJP national president and Prabhas Patan Somnath trustee Amit Shah.

“Somnath temple was once demolished 17 instances by means of aggressors in its historical past. However, each time it was once destroyed, its reconstruction had always been more beautiful than its earlier condition. The saga of Somnath temple is full of martyrs who laid down their lives for re-establishing the temple,” mentioned Shah.

The walkway will start from the ocean and end at ‘Triveni Sangam’. At every 200-metre stretch at the walkway, creative seats are planned to be built for pilgrims. There are also light and music being planned at the walkway.

There are also initiatives under Prasad Yojana of Somnath Temple, worth Rs 100 crore, being planned.

Somnath temple to get Rs 43 crore walkway Somnath temple to get Rs 43 crore walkway Reviewed by Kailash on December 07, 2018 Rating: 5
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