Senior cop allegedly sent numerous explicit messages

NAGPUR: The Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) leader accused of sexually harassing a girl cop allegedly demanded to peer her bathing, among different cases of molestation.

The FIR by way of the cop, recruited in 2008 in Nagpur Rural police, describes how Patil, who may be an artist, would ship her pictures of naked women drawn by way of him. Apart from relating to her as ‘sizzling’, Patil went to the level of messaging that her frame used to be so beautiful that even an impotent man would be aroused. The harassment had allegedly led to suicidal inclinations in the constable. She used to be afraid if she rejected the advances, it would impact her career. She used to be taking a look after ailing father, a divorced sister and her daughter.

The specific messages sent by way of Patil, which form the foundation of the FIR, highlight the girl survivor’s plight for over an yr since August 2017. Apart from messages on social group, the girl cop additionally claimed that Patil would additionally make ‘WhatsApp calls’ to her steadily, and also made video calls ‘behaving in extraordinary manner’, which she didn't elaborate.

The messages, now being verified by way of city police, underlined the undue advances and lewd remarks about her figure and good looks. The survivor has claimed that Patil had written (in Marathi) ‘Tu diwasa jashi distes, tashi ratri suddha distes ka’ (Do you look the similar at evening the way you look in the day’). She additionally mentions Patil extolling her figure brazenly, ‘Tujhi figure khub chhan ahe’ (Your figure is attractive). Another message discussed by way of her used to be ‘Tujha chehra khub kamuk ahe’ (you look very horny).

A senior ACB authentic, who knows Patil well, questioned the veracity of the FIR. He said it used to be fantastic that an officer of SP rank would stoop so low to ship such messages to a girl constable. “It seems the girl cop took much liberty in her commentary,” he said.

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