Scamsters find way to make money through toilets

By Y Maheswara Reddy

300 transportable toilets have been installed for police and different officers all through the yearly consultation in Belagavi last year. The contractor charged Rs 1,000 in step with rest room in step with day for 10 days. But a bill of Rs 1.29 crore has been raised

Since 2006, the Winter Session of the Karnataka Legislative Assembly has been performed over 10 days at Suvarna Soudha in Belagavi.

Attending the Belagavi consultation is a difficult activity for lots of state government employees because they need to be out of Bengaluru for that period. However, it kind of feels there are some fringe benefits for a few of them, because it spells an opportunity to pocket some cash out of the state exchequer. And there’s a possibility at each corner.

Take the case of transportable toilets. Last year 300 transportable toilets have been submit close to Suvarna Soudha in the course of the 10 days of Winter Session. The government officers claimed of spending a whopping quantity of Rs 1,28,85,600 on transportable toilets.

However, the maths does now not add up. “Last year, I provided 150 transportable toilets for 10 days in November. I amassed Rs 1,000 in step with rest room in step with day (together with transportation). Another contractor provided 150 of them,’’ says Diwakar Pimpalkar, owner of 3d Environment Services.

The Session had lasted from November 13 to 24. If Diwakar Pimpalkar is proper, then the federal government spent Rs 3 lakh every day on hire, making the total expenditure Rs 30 lakh. However, the two bills submitted by means of government officers have been of Rs 69,38,400 and Rs 59,47,200.

Former Speaker K B Koliwad said that he has nothing to do with the money spent for accomplishing the Assembly consultation in Belagavi. “The Commissioner of Police, Belagavi, used to be answerable for offering the amenities, together with safety all through the Session,’’ says Koliwad.

There are different bills too that lift suspicion. Think upwards of Rs 2 crore for snacks and beverage and more than Rs 5.8 crore for pandals. The expenditure on snacks, coffee and tea, provided by means of Mayur Aditya Resort, for Chief Minister’s Secretariat and different officers used to be Rs 2,63,60,800. The officers spent Rs four,32,17,736 for a pandal around Suvarna Soudha and Rs 22,07,898 for any other one within the Banquet Hall and Rs 1,26,54,320 for a 3rd pandal for the good thing about reporters, senior officers and marshals.

“The 10-day legislative consultation has turn out to be a boon for some officers. It helps them to pocket cash by means of preparing faux bills,’’ says Bheemappa Gundappa Gadad, a RTI activist from Belagavi. Assembly Speaker K R Ramesh Kumar used to be now not available for remark.

However, expressing surprise over the amount, former Lokayukta Justice N Santosh Hegde opined that the public must protest. “We need to stand up and protest towards corruption. You publish the documents to Lokayukta for a probe into this topic,” he said.
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