Rajkot: Power cables kill 3 vultures in Mahuva

RAJKOT: It’s no longer just the diclofenac that has pushed vultures to the edge of extinction.

Electricity wires have claimed lives of no less than 3 vultures and one pelican in the coastal the city of Mahuva in Bhavnagar district in the last 20 days. In reality, local bird watchers claim that six vultures were electrocuted through those wires in the last 3 months.

Officials showed that two long-billed vultures and one white-rumped were electrocuted in Bhavni Road and Vadi spaces near Mahuva. There are 80 vultures in the 45 km coastal stretch. Forest department has requested state-run power distribution corporate Paschim Gujarat Vij Company Ltd (PGVCL) to plastic coat the wires in this stretch.

Deputy conservator of woodland (DCF), Bhavnagar, Sandeep Kumar mentioned, “We are asking PGVCL to put underground electricity traces to avoid wasting those birds. We have a gathering with PGVCL officials subsequent week to hammer out an answer one of which will also be switching of the electricity supply throughout flying time of vultures in the mornings and evenings.”

Range woodland officer (RFO), Mahuva, Nirav Makwana mentioned that the dept had issued a notice to PGVCL relating to this issue previously too. “We can be issuing every other notice to the corporate asking it to solve this downside at the earliest,” Makwana instructed TOI.

The local bird watchers and conservationists have warned of beginning a calm protest if the woodland department and PGVCL fail to coat the electricity wires. They are difficult plastic coating on those wires.

Hakka Makwana, who runs Nature and People Club of Gujarat, mentioned, “Six vultures were electrocuted in last 3 months and their carcass was recovered through the woodland department. Moreover, observers deployed to keep an eye on those birds aren't skilled.”

Mahuva is among the vulture protected zones designated through the Bombay Natural History Society (BNHS) besides Ahmedabad. Conservation efforts through breeding have yielded certain results here during the last 7-8 years.

Nitin Bambhania of Jatayu Nature Club mentioned, “We can’t see vultures death as a result of negligence of the device. If no motion is taken, we can start a calm protest.”
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