Govt bldgs remain vulnerable to electric short circuits

Surat: Government and semi-government workplaces are some of the liable to fire incidents and a significant fire incidents could lead to many casualties. Take for example, the Bahumali construction, which houses majority of presidency workplaces. Here, the fire protection measures have actually long gone for a toss. One can not even find a fire extinguisher on any of the floors and even in the workplaces. And at puts where there are fire extinguishers, they don't seem to be purposeful or in worn-out condition.
Executive engineer, R&B division, P L Patel, who is accountable for the fire protection device, mentioned, “In all multistorey structures of presidency like the brand new collector place of job, courtroom construction or even in outdated Bahumali construction, we've installed fire protection device on all floors with water tank at base.”

According to Patel, all the systems are purposeful and for low-rise structures, fire extinguishers of different sorts have been positioned.

However, in authorities workplaces, the primary issue is of electrical wiring this is liable to brief circuit, which may lead to primary fire. Non-functional lifts because of electric wiring issues are most deadly in outdated Bhaumali construction’s all 3 wings.

Patel mentioned, “We have already replaced two of the six lifts and are in means of changing 4 extra. The construction is greater than 40 years outdated and will require new electric set-up quickly.”

However, chief fire officer of SMC Vasant Parikh mentioned, “In those structures common renovation happens. In some circumstances it is behind schedule, but common tests are performed with excessive warning in regards to electric set up. Low smoke cables are vital.”

Till date SMC has issued notices to eight authorities clinical amenities and 4 authorities structures over fire protection issue.

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