Constitution will prevail: BJP

KOZHIKODE: The BJP will start up prison proceedings against the ones, including law enforcement officials, accountable for the violations of legislation to border birthday celebration state general secretary Ok Surendran.

Addressing journalists at his residence right here, BJP state president P S Sreedharan Pillai mentioned the court docket verdict granting bail to Surendran proved that the Constitution, and now not Stalinist rule, would prevail.

Pillai mentioned the LDF government had idea that they could hound and subdue Surendran by charging false circumstances on him.

"The police had even imposed sections of attempt to homicide on Surendran even without initial evidence.

From the instant he used to be arrested, there have been a lot of legislation violations committed by the police and the federal government, and we will continue prison movements against all the ones accountable," Pillai added. He added that birthday celebration workers will accord receptions to Surendran across the state.

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