Spat between Digvijaya & me all fake news: Scindia

Rifts in the MP Congress have reportedly hit price tag distribution, however marketing campaign chief Jyotiraditya Scindia tells Sagarika Ghose all is definitely and the birthday party focal point is on those suffering from farm disaster

Why has your birthday party no longer announced a CM candidate? Am I chatting with MP’s subsequent CM?

You’re chatting with a jan sevak for people the last 16 years. A CM-candidate doesn’t subject. The most important factor is to do away with this government and its maya jaal. The BJP additionally did not declare a CM-face both in UP or Bihar. Ours is a people-centric marketing campaign... You don’t at all times wish to undertaking a face.

But isn’t your birthday party beset by way of factionalism, Digvijaya vs Scindia vs Kamal Nath?

Journalists such as you like to say so. And sure, up to now it used to be true, there have been factions. But we’ve labored exhausting at coming in combination, at making a joint front. I might say BJP is more fragmented — it's the one with factions. Congress is united in Madhya Pradesh.

But you and Digvijay Singh had a public spat on price tag seekers?

I wish to set the record immediately. Nothing of the type took place. It is totally fake information. Digvijaya Singhji and I have by no means exchanged a discordant word. Yes, we can have differences of opinion however there used to be by no means any spat. The minute this came out we put out a robust contradiction.

Are you anxious MP has been a BJP fort the last 15 years?

MP isn't a BJP fort. MP’s people do not think like that, it’s the BJP which assumes so in its vanity.

Do you remorseful about you didn’t work in MP for five years as Sachin Pilot did in Rajasthan?

I abide by way of whatever resolution the birthday party takes. These are birthday party choices. As a disciplined soldier I observe my management. It used to be birthday party’s resolution to appoint Arun Yadav PCC chief after which Kamal Nath. The what-ifs don’t subject, fact is regardless of the birthday party comes to a decision.

Rahul Gandhi is temple-hopping in MP, will cushy Hindutva work?

There’s no thought of soft Hindutva or exhausting Hindutva or Hindutva. My religion is Hinduism which is less of a religion and more of a philosophy. BJP has not anything to do with Hinduism, they're just kattarvadis (orthodoxy) whose sole purpose is to pour poison amongst people. My religion is my non-public property, no person has a right to it. Nor has any one any right to monopolise Hinduism. BJP’s so- known as religosity has not anything to do with the actual spirit of Hinduism, which has not anything to do with hate and violence or the kind of poison it is spreading. When Scindia or Kamal Nath or Rahul consult with temples they're merely abiding by way of their ideals.

Isn’t the Congress’s loss of organisational strength a concern?

Don’t agree that we don’t have organisational strength however we have to fight BJP’s money power. All they've is money power, however we will defeat dhan bal (money power) through jan bal (people power).

Are you anxious in regards to the Modi issue? His last-minute marketing campaign turns elections around?

BJP will do what it has to, we’re doing issues our means — ramping up our marketing campaign in phases. We don’t need to peak too early. Congress is a robust birthday party in MP. We’re concerned about those that’re struggling with the worst agrarian disaster. Our mudda is badlav, alternate. Change the government, and make government work for farmers, youth and girls.
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