Assembly elections 2018: MP, Chhattisgarh fare badly in road safety

Elections to the 5 states in India are round the corner. While problems like power scarcity, water, tribals, naxals, farmers’ misery had been talked about via the politicians of their campaigns, factor of highway protection has utterly been sidelined. Ahead of the impending elections, we take stock of the street protection situation in each of these states.

All election-led states recorded a fall in total highway crashes in 2017 compared to the former yr. However, the drop is just too meagre to be celebrated with the exception of for Mizoram, which witnessed a large 18 according to cent drop in three hundred and sixty five days. MP, one of the vital giant election-bound states, has not been ready to do enough. It registered 53,399 highway crashes in 2017, which is an insignificant 1 according to cent fall from 2016. Since 2014, there has been just a 0.05 according to cent annual drop. Chhattisgarh, which goes to be the primary of the 5 to vote, saw reduction in highway crashes via mere 0.6 according to cent over 2016.

In 2017, deadly crashes were up in Chhattisgarh, MP and Rajasthan, while Mizoram and Telangana witnessed a decline as compared to the former yr. A have a look at the previous few years’ data also shows that barring the southern state, nearly all states have registered an building up in deadly crashes. In the state of MP, nine,258 incidences of deadly crashes came about in 2017, just about 500 more from the former yr. And on a median the deadly crashes have long gone up via 7 according to cent annually since 2014. The tiny northeastern state, which paint a brilliant picture via having just 140 incidences of deadly crashes in 2017, has deadly crashes growing three.three according to cent annually since 2014.


Rajasthan and MP --two giant election-bound states saw over 10,000 other people dying on their roads in 2017. This interprets to nearly 30 other people dropping lives daily. Barring Mizoram, choice of other people dropping their lives in Chhattisgarh and Telangana aren’t less either. Over 6,000 died on Telangana roads in 2017. In Chhattisgarh, too, the fatalities’ figures run in hundreds. In reality, only a month ahead of elections, in Chhattisgarh’s Rajnandgaon, a terrible crash between a car and truck wiped out ten other people of the similar family at one go.

Assembly elections 2018: MP, Chhattisgarh fare badly in road safety Assembly elections 2018: MP, Chhattisgarh fare badly in road safety Reviewed by Kailash on November 10, 2018 Rating: 5
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