Trump says China thinks US is 'stupid,' vows more pain

WASHINGTON: President Donald Trump on Thursday accused China of pondering Americans are "stupid" and vowed that he was once ready to inflict economic pain on the Asian power.
"They lived too well for too long and, frankly, I guess they think that the Americans are stupid people. Americans are not stupid people," the outspoken mogul-turned-president told "Fox and Friends."

Trump boasted that the $250 billion in tariffs he has slapped on Chinese merchandise have "had a big impact."

"Their economy has gone down very substantially," he mentioned. "I have a lot more to do if I want to do it. I don't want to do it but they have to come to the table."

Trump is urgent China to toughen buying and selling stipulations for US merchandise and to end what US companies say is well-liked theft of their highbrow property.

China has replied via imposing countertariffs, which the Trump management alleges display political interference via focused on merchandise from key states in subsequent month's congressional elections.

The International Monetary Fund this week cited the business struggle as it diminished its 2019 enlargement forecast for China, which is about to see its slowest expansion since 1990, but also diminished estimates for the United States and the worldwide economy as a complete.

Trump renewed his price that previous presidents Barack Obama and George W Bush "let China get out of control."

"We are not going to pay $500 billion a year to China and rebuild China," Trump mentioned, likely referring to the full annual imports of Chinese goods into the United States.

"We have helped rebuild China more than any other factor. We have helped rebuild it. I said it's over."

The undiplomatic language comes as disputes mount in a lot of spaces between China and the United States, finishing the early bonhomie between Trump and his counterpart Xi Jinping.

US authorities on Wednesday mentioned they arrested an alleged Chinese intelligence agent for plotting to acquire business secrets from GE Aviation and different firms.
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