NE churches protest SC order on Sec 377

GUWAHATI: A month after the Supreme Court read down Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code decriminalising homosexuality, some church bodies in India's northeast (NE) have begun a quiet protest against the judgment. Consensual homosexual sex is not against the law and Section 377 violated the elemental right to equality, the apex courtroom had then mentioned.

Churches in the NE, however, now say that "what is legally upheld need not be morally acceptable". The Nagaland Baptist Church Council (NBCC), the apex church frame in Christian-majority Nagaland that represents the state’s dominant Baptist Church denomination, will on October 31 convene an executive meeting in Kohima "to get a hold of a complete record to discourage homosexuality”.

It may even talk about the SC order and its impact at the non secular practices of the state. “Forming pointers to uphold the lessons of the Bible is a moral imperative. Anything that goes against god’s design cannot be encouraged,” normal secretary of NBCC Reverend Zelhou Keyho mentioned on Monday.

In 2009, when the Delhi High Court had decriminalised homosexuality — a choice that would be reversed later — the Baptist Pastors’ Fellowship of Dimapur had mentioned "homosexuality is a moral and behavioural challenge” and when compared it to drug abuse and porn dependancy.

“No one is past assist,” the frame had mentioned at the time. Nine years on, little has changed. The tone, regardless that, is tempered with “compassion”. Keyho added: "We have nothing against the LGBTQIA group. However, we need to reiterate that homosexuality is a sin.”

Local gadgets of the church have gone on report with their displeasure over the SC verdict. On Sunday, a unit of the church frame — the Chakhesang Baptist Church Council — mentioned the decision is tantamount to “inducing sinful practices”. The justification was once the same: “moral bankruptcy”.

Executive secretary of the frame, Reverend Vezopa Tetseo, mentioned, “Homosexuality is unacceptable as it is not morally justified.” The verdict has additionally run into opposition in two other Christianmajority states of the NE — Mizoram and Meghalaya.

In Mizoram, the Mizoram Kohhran Hruaitute Committee, a conglomerate of 14 church bodies, mentioned the segment (377) will have to by no means were scrapped.
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