Jyoti Randhawa to lead team of dogs in hunt for maneater T1

NAGPUR: With time operating out of hand for the forest division and force building as much as either capture or shoot elusive problem tigress T1 of Pandharkawda, officers have now roped in hunter dogs Cane Corso.

This is possibly for the primary time that sniffer dogs are getting used to capture a tiger. The dogs had been smelled urine of tigers from Hyderabad zoo to track T1.

This is an old Italian canine breed and was developed to guard assets and hunt big sport comparable to wild boars. This breed of canine is robust and athletic and does not concern even tigers. Cost of 1 canine comes to Rs 6 lakh and they are perfect fitted to an experienced owner. Both the dogs belong to Hyderabad-based sharpshooter Nawab Shafath Ali Khan and are living in a fenced backyard in his palace.

Talking to TOI, primary leader conservator of forests (natural world) AK Misra mentioned, “After deliberations Cane Corso had been deployed within the box on Monday. Golfer and canine teacher Jyoti Randhawa from Delhi will handle these dogs within the box. More staff participants together with Nawab’s son Asgar has also joined the operation.” “Our fear is that T1 is totally elusive and is not even coming near the bait it killed. It killed two horses but did not arrive towards the bait. Her pictures also are not been found within the camera traps. To tranquillize her first we want to get locations and these dogs will end up useful in flushing out T1,” mentioned Misra.

Sources mentioned these dogs are trained and are used when all over culling operation to flush out wild boars. “They had been smelled urine of tigers in Hyderabad zoo and taken in problem space. They can move fearlessly within the box and can help track T1. However, for this T1 pugmarks and a kill made by way of her would be will have to,” officers mentioned.

Officials mentioned a renewed technique has been worked out now to capture T1. The groups which use to give reports of pugmarks and camera trap pictures of T1 after 10.30 am had been asked to inform about it early morning immediately from the spot so that these dogs may also be deployed at the spot. Besides, resources mentioned a 500-metre net is also being ready to fence the area if T1 is localized. It will make capture easy.

Separate tigers have killed 13 villagers in Ralegaon tehsil beneath Pandharkawada forest department from June 1, 2016 to August 28, 2018. Officially, T1 has been held answerable for killing of 6 individuals.

Meanwhile, animal rights activist from Nagpur Karishma Galani on Monday moved a mercy petition with President to avoid wasting T1 on Monday.
Jyoti Randhawa to lead team of dogs in hunt for maneater T1 Jyoti Randhawa to lead team of dogs in hunt for maneater T1 Reviewed by kailash soni on October 09, 2018 Rating: 5
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