Influential Kolkata imam slams Mamata's Durga puja dole

KOLKATA: “Those who blame BJP for inciting communal sentiments themselves bask in it many a time. Trinamool’s blaming BJP for the recent Dum Dum bomb blast is a recent living proof.”

With those explosive words, Pirzada Taha Siddiqui of Furfura Sharif — the influential Kolkata imam all netas need on their aspect — made the strongest grievance but of the Mamata Banerjee executive, talking to TOI on Thursday, following a protest rally the day earlier than in opposition to Mamata Banerjee executive’s choice to dole out Rs 28 crore from state coffers to Durga puja committees.

The Pirzada on Wednesday took at the Bengal CM at the rally of hundreds of Muslim adolescence in entrance of the Tipu Sultan Masjid at Kolkata’s Esplanade, defying Kolkata Police’s “no-permission”, a call the Pirzada also challenged pronouncing: “We’ve no longer come here with swords and lathis… We got here to voice our demands. What’s improper with that?”

All Bengal Minorities Youth Federation basic secretary Kamarujjaman also addressed the adolescence, pronouncing: “India is a mundane nation. A central authority will have to no longer sponsor a religious programme.”

On the issue, the Pirzada pitched for level-handed treatment: “I’ve no drawback if Mamata’s executive grants money for Durga puja. But executive will have to do this for different communities too.” Countering that Bengal executive fingers out honorariums to imams and muezzins, Siddiqui stated, “Muslims have massive expanses of Wakf assets in Bengal. The Wakf Board is the custodian of those lands. The executive is giving imams, muezzins money from income of those Muslim houses. I don’t mind if executive grants money to purohits serving Hindu ‘debottar’ houses both,” Siddiqui stated.

He added that Bengal had “dumped the Left Front executive”, and that “this executive will have a identical dilemma if it treats us like this”. Not that Siddiqui wants his rumblings to move too some distance, calling Mamata “the guardian of Bengal who will have to deal with all electorate similarly”. “I’m in opposition to riots and divisive politics. The Left Front took our votes spreading the scare of riots among Muslims. Trinamool is scaring us the use of the BJP card now,” he stated, occurring to mention the recent Dum Dum bomb blast.

Influential Kolkata imam slams Mamata's Durga puja dole Influential Kolkata imam slams Mamata's Durga puja dole Reviewed by kailash soni on October 05, 2018 Rating: 5
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