Bridgestone looks for new growth areas

CHENNAI: After passenger cars and commercial cars, Bridgestone India is “looking at different sectors” including electric cars in addition to two wheeler tyres though no final “call has been taken but”. According to Parag Satpute, MD, Bridgestone India, the tyre MNC is into two wheeler tyres and off-road tyres globally though in India it’s biggest footprint in in passenger cars. With investments in a new plant and a extra aggressive technique coated up, the company is accomplishing market studies to finalise its next expansion.
“Our brand is rather robust in two wheelers globally,” said Satpute. “So we don’t rule out a two wheeler foray. We are finding out the market as of now. We have began looking at different sectors and are doing a little studies however no call has been taken but,” he added. Bridgestone additionally reveals electric cars “a fascinating house,” he said. “Tyres have a big position to play in extending fee and mileage and we've got the Ecopia vary of tyres which increases fuel potency of the vehicle by 7-10%. This technology lends itself really well to electric cars. In Japan and here in India, we are operating closely with OEMs who are growing electric cars to offer them with tyres,” he explained.

As for off-road tyres, the company recently imports them from Japan and sells in India. “We have no plans to locally manufacture those right now,” said Satpute. Bridgestone entered the economic vehicle tyre market 5 years ago and has won foothold with key vehicle makers like Tata Motors, Daimler India Commercial Vehicles, Ashok Leyland and Volvo Eicher.

The company may be focusing on the replacement market with 500 sellers and around 5000 multi-brand shops. “In the replacement market we are growing and have obtained a good stage of the trade and we’re pondering of easy methods to become a leader in this house,” said Satpute.

Unlike many of its competition, Bridgestone isn't overly worried about Chinese imports. Passenger vehicle tyres (in the after market) are value delicate however customers also are brand aware and “just lower price cannot assist Chinese imports to take over market share,” said Satpute. “Car and avenue pace are increasing so customers like to be careful so at the PV aspect we don't seem to be too worried,” he added.

On the CV aspect things are different as a result of tyres are a big a part of the client’s (fleet proprietor/vehicle proprietor) operating value. “We paintings with fleet homeowners appearing them tyres have affect on fuel potency and potency of the vehicle runs so the full value of working the vehicle makes our brand worthwhile,” said Satpute. Recent anti dumping responsibility has diminished Chinese imports of CV radials significantly.
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