Announce drought in Maharashtra, says Sharad Pawar

MUMBAI: Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) leader Sharad Pawar on Tuesday mentioned drought must be declared in Maharashtra as many portions are dealing with critical water scarcity.

He additionally mentioned the central govt did not appear to be coming ahead to help Maharashtra which is dealing with drought.

Speaking at a function right here, the previous Union agriculture minister mentioned, "Drought should be announced at once and not 'drought-like' situation. In such a scenario, generally the Centre comes to the help of a state but it does not seem so".

He mentioned the water scarcity situation within the state has grow to be critical.

"I had visited some villages and districts. They need immediate intervention of the state to face the situation," he mentioned.

Pawar mentioned striking a plan in place for booking water and fodder for livestock is the desire of the hour.

"The state must take steps to save horticulture as well," Pawar mentioned.

Commenting on Maharashtra leader minister Devendra Fadnavis' flagship programme Jalyukta Shivar, Pawar mentioned, "It is not carried out scientifically. There seems to be a lot of corrupt practices in that scheme".
Announce drought in Maharashtra, says Sharad Pawar Announce drought in Maharashtra, says Sharad Pawar Reviewed by Kailash on October 24, 2018 Rating: 5
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