Which language is right for BCA exam?

BHOPAL: Priya Sahu is very transparent in her head. The questions will have been in English, however nobody told her she couldn’t reply in Hindi. So were 300 different scholars at Bhopal’s Barkatullah University who took their BCA examination in April this 12 months. Now the college, one in every of MP’s biggest, is caught in a predicament. When it handed the students, it changed into very arguable. When it clarified that it hadn’t, the issue changed into political.

When the results came out in June, all were marked “failed”. Teachers refused to evaluate the answer sheets. But anger briefly unfold within the college. Colleges, too, began to exert pressure to declare the students “handed”.

Students wrote in Hindi in spite of the BCA paper being in English

The schools mentioned that if the students had written the right kind solutions within the incorrect language, it wasn’t any such giant deal,” mentioned sources within the college. Barkatullah University (BU) quickly gave in and got the papers checked again — this time by Hindi teachers. All the students then handed the examination.

A committee used to be shaped and it spoke in favour of the students, sources added. “I am told that previously, too, scholars wrote in Hindi in spite of the paper being in English. We are waiting for the committee’s recommendations,” mentioned BU registrar U N Shukla, adding the students weren’t declared handed.

“This has been happening for a very long time... Private schools permit scholars to write down solutions in Hindi...” a BU legit mentioned. Priya told TOI that the college didn't tell the class that “this 12 months the questions might be requested best in English”.

Another pupil, this one from Hoshangabad, had a more effective clarification. “I wrote in Hindi because I don’t know English,” he mentioned, soliciting for to not be named. “When I took admission, my teachers mentioned we could resolution our papers in Hindi. I did not wish to leave the answer sheet clean, so I wrote in Hindi.”

An legit mentioned the confusion arose as a result of the transfer from “semester to annual development” this 12 months. “Earlier, each and every question used to be in Hindi in addition to English. But this time, best English used to be used,” he mentioned.

ABVP chief Bunty Chouhan, whose celebration has taken up the students’ Hindi cause, mentioned, “They will have to now not undergo for BU’s mistake. It used to be incorrect of BU to prepare the question paper best in English. What will a pupil do if he or she does now not know English?”
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