The beach where Lebanese women drop their veils

JIYEH: They call it the ladies’ seashore. The title is demure; the scene, now not so much. Hijabs are unwound from heads, veils tugged from faces. Jeans and abayas evaporate, divulging string bikinis, tankinis and swim shorts. Under spindly cabanas via azure waves, two ladies lie chest down on living room chairs, their bare backs implying bare fronts. All round them, gallons of tanning oil glisten on acres of copper pores and skin.

When a man on a Jet Ski buzzes past, a feminine lifeguard warns him off with a staccato of whistle blasts. “Men,” said Nada, a faculty bus manager from Beirut who used to be treading the Mediterranean just offshore, “are suffocating.”

In Lebanon, a sliver of a rustic at the Mediterranean coast where summer sticks to your pores and skin like moist Saran wrap, the seashore is less a luxurious than a software. It is tricky to imagine going with out. But many observant Muslim ladies consider it “haram” — forbidden — to expose their bodies in entrance of fellows who don't seem to be their husbands or, in some instances, close kin. Other ladies may quilt themselves in deference to conservative families and communities.

For them, a mixed-gender seashore is to be avoided; those that cross with their families roast within the sun fully clothed in hijabs and long-sleeved shirts and pants or abayas, the fulllength caftans in style among religious Lebanese Muslim ladies. Hence the emergence of ladies’ seashores like this one, the Bellevue Beach Club within the beach the city of Jiyeh — a salt-tinged hiatus from the male gaze for $18 an afternoon, just 20 mins down a trash-perfumed freeway from Beirut.

At the Bellevue, there seemed to be as many various levels of scanty cladding as there have been ladies. For some ladies, non secular scruples argued for extra coverage. For others, taste considerations, and the warmth, argued for less. Each woman had made her personal peace with the proportions. “Here, I’m unfastened to be me,” said Rabab Amhaz, 35, a housewife from the inland Bekaa Valley. She gestured to her tankini, bright with a teal floral pattern, and shimmied within the water.
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