Mexico president-elect says will not fight with Trump

MEXICO CITY: Mexican president-elect Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador stated he does no longer wish to fight with US President Donald Trump on immigration.

Trump's hardline method at the subject has ramped up tensions and riled Mexicans, who he previously claimed would pay for the development of a wall between the two international locations.

But the leftist Lopez Obrador instructed reporters within the border state of Sonora on Saturday that angry exchanges were not the solution.

"We are not going to fight with the US government, we are not going to fight with President Donald Trump," he stated.

"The migration problem is not resolved by building walls or by use of force, but it's a diplomatic job of respect," added Lopez Obrador, who takes workplace on December 1.

On Saturday, US authorities announced the beginning of construction on a five-metre (16-foot) wall alongside a 6.Five-kilometre (Four-mile) stretch of the Texan border town of El Paso.

Trump's insurgent marketing campaign for the White House performed closely on a pledge to build a wall at the southern border and to deport hundreds of thousands of undocumented migrants, amid what he claimed used to be a crisis of immigration.

He initially demanded that Mexico pay for the barrier, a requirement Mexico again and again rejected. Congress has up to now licensed $1.6 billion of $25 billion Trump had sought.

Much of the border already has fencing or other boundaries, but Trump has ordered a "contiguous, and impassable physical barrier," which scientists say would threaten more than 1,000 species of animals.

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