Virat Kohli already a legend: Zaheer Abbas

LONDON: Zaheer Abbas has a house in London and he used to be getting ready to come to Lord's on Thursday to look at India tackle England, however it started raining. "I was about to get out and come to the ground, but you know how this London weather is," Zaheer advised TOI, a bit disappointed with the best way issues shaped up over the day.

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The Pakistani stylist got all excited when Virat Kohli's title used to be discussed. "I have seen a lot of great Indian players and he is right up there. I don't like comparing generations, because each era has its own demands, but Kohli is as good as anybody else," Zaheer mentioned.

Zed, as he is popularly recognized, used to be the primary Asian to complete a 100 firstclass masses. He sees a similar hunger that characterizes Kohli's batting. "For me, a legend is one who dominates his own generation and Kohli is doing that with a degree of ease. That makes him already a legend," Zaheer mentioned in reward of the Indian captain. It is the sense of authority in Kohli's game that has impressed Zaheer, who has 5062 Test and 2572 ODI runs.

"Kohli plays with a lot of authority on both sides of the wicket, giving you the impression that he is a class player. His feet movement is extremely assured and there's an element of fearlessness in his game which I really admire," Zaheer mentioned.

Kohli's innings at Edgbaston used to be slightly a treat and Zaheer feels there is no explanation why he cannot repeat that efficiency in the rest Tests. "He showed that he can be good in English conditions and I am expecting good things from him," the Pakistan nice added.

It wasn't too lengthy again that Pakistan had been right here in England and the collection ended 1-1. In fact Pakistan have always completed smartly on this a part of the sector, while India have struggled more steadily than now not. "You know it's always about the Pakistan bowling. They always had a great attack and even now, the pace attack is quite potent. India, on the other hand, always used to be about their batting and it continues to be so. That's one of the reasons why so many India-Pakistan games used to end in draws, because your batting line-up and our bowling line-up used to cancel each other out," Zaheer mentioned.
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