Triple talaq bill to be tabled in Rajya Sabha today: All you need to know

NEW DELHI: On Friday, the last day of the Monsoon consultation of Parliament, the Centre will make a contemporary try in the Rajya Sabha to clear the draft regulation making instant triple talaq a criminal offence. This comes an afternoon after the Union Cabinet made some amendments to the draft bill, together with including a bail provision to it. Here's a 10-point round-up of all you wish to have to learn about the problem and the place it stands lately:

1. On December 28, the Lok Sabha handed the Muslim Women (Protection Bill, 2017), which criminalises the observe of talaq-e-bidda.

2. This came after the Supreme Court on August 22, 2017, struck down triple talaq, calling the Islamic observe unconstitutional.

three. The bill - which should be handed through each the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha - criminalises the observe of divorcing through uttering the phrase "talaq" 3 times in succession.

4. It also proposes a three-year jail term for males who violate the regulation.

5. While the draft bill simply handed in the Lok Sabha, it bumped into bother in the Upper House, with some opposition parties tough that a bail provision be included in the bill.

6. The BJP-ruled Centre hopes that the amendments made in the bill will persuade the opposing parties to support the bill in the Rajya Sabha on Friday.

7. The first modification allows only a girl, or an in depth relative, to report a police case against her husband for instant triple talaq.

8. Another modification makes it clear that the police will lodge an FIR provided that approached through the sufferer, her blood relations or individuals who turn out to be her family members through marriage.

9. The 3rd modification makes instant triple talaq "compoundable". That is, now, a magistrate can use his powers to settle the dispute between a husband and his spouse.

10. If the bill is cleared through the Upper House, it'll have to go to the Lok Sabha for approval of amendments.

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