Rai has been failure in implementing Lodha reforms: Choudhary

NEW DELHI: The BCCI appearing secretary Amitabh Choudhary on Friday launched a scathing attack on Committee of Administrators (CoA) leader Vinod Rai, terming him a "complete failure" within the implementation of the Supreme Court-mandated Lodha Committee reforms.

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The BCCI office-bearers, especially Choudhary and treasurer Aniruddh Chaudhry, had been sidelined via the CoA, which even sought their termination from the Supreme Court.

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Choudhary, who has not attacked on Rai until date, used to be no-holds-barred in his complaint these days after the previous CAG described BCCI office-bearers as obstructionists with vested interests in contemporary interactions with the media.

"The unfortunate fact that I conclude is that after one and half years, Mr Rai has realised apart from writing e-mails, he has not been able to do anything else. He was mandated to implement the reforms and he has been a complete failure," the previous Additional Director General of Police (Jharkhand) mentioned in an interview.

"Rai is trying to run down the office-bearers because he has failed to engage them in a positive manner despite having spent one and half years which was mostly spent in making appointments in opaque processes, which I brought to everyone's notice," he fired another salvo referring to appointment of Anti Corruption Unit (ACU) Chief Ajit Singh and GM (advertising and marketing) Priya Gupta.

While Singh joined the BCCI, Gupta didn't take up the offer.

The former CAG has just lately expressed his frustration in regards to the very long time taken via the Supreme Court to move the final order on the constitutional reform.

"How can anyone talk about the Supreme Court in such a manner? Least of all, someone who has spent over four decades in the government," Choudhary mentioned.

So does he suppose that contemporary comments via Rai in regards to the delay quantity to Contempt of Court, Choudhary responded: "I can't take a view on that as I am not court. Neither am I Isaac Newton, Michael Faraday, Max Planc or Albert Einstein all rolled into one like some are."

The appearing secretary also puzzled how from being termed "co-operative" via the CoA of their fourth Status record, he changed into an "obstructionist" via the seventh record.

Choudhary mentioned Rai's allegations about him being "non co-operative" are "completely untrue".

"Have a look at the Status studies. There used to be praise for me (4th Status). If I had not been cooperating, then how come within the month of February, I forwarded the recommendation after having persuaded 13 states to just accept the reforms barring 3 four points whose liberty the Hon'ble SC had granted.

"I had given an endeavor in SC that I will cooperate in bringing reforms. My credentials are for everybody to look. So now am I consuming my own phrases or anyone else is?" he wondered.

Another level that Choudhary discovered "deeply insulting" used to be a comparability of the daily allowance given to avid gamers with that of the office-bearers.

While office-bearers get $750 in line with day, the Indian crew will get $250, which in keeping with Rai, is among the causes for "vested interests".

"I have two simple counter questions. Are our TA/DAs in response to regulations which might be there in BCCI? If they are so be it. Now my 2d counter: If you are evaluating our allowances to those of avid gamers, you are conveniently forgetting that they are getting fit fees along side annual central contract. So Rai's comparisons are blatantly unfair.

"You expect an honorary person to travel somewhere spending money from his own pocket. Check the fourth Status Report what DA I was drawing then and what is it now."

Choudhary mentioned state affiliation members can't be regarded as "servants" and their grievances will have to be addressed.

"You can not blame members for feeling aggrieved. It is the same members, who agreed on most reforms. They don't seem to be your servants, at absolute best they are colleagues or buddies.

"There is a way in going about things. If you realize that, you are going to be successful. If you deal with them as enemies or servants, you are going to not get anything. He has failed," he concluded.
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