Why use ambulance to shift him when he was fit, ask kin

LUCKNOW: The order of Baghpat’s chief judicial Justice of the Peace which asked Munna Bajrangi to seem in an extortion case on July nine, also recommended the Jhansi prison government that he will have to be introduced in ‘medically have compatibility’ situation. Now, his circle of relatives asks if he used to be medically have compatibility, why used to be he carried in an ambulance from Jhansi to Baghpat prison where he used to be brutally murder simply 9 hours after touchdown?

TOI has accessed the detailed Baghpat courtroom order on July 7 following a month-long enchantment by way of Bajrangi's wife and members of the family. In its twopage order, which may be a warrant, the courtroom took cognisance of as many as 8 diseases including hypertension, cervical and lumbar spondilysis and coronary artery disease. However, the courtroom said that any enchantment from Bajrangi for a tribulation thru video-conferencing may well be entertained handiest after he appears in person all the way through the first listening to, which used to be on July nine.

The same order used to be utilized by Baghpat law enforcement officials to shift him from Jhansi prison to Baghpat prison. Bajrangi’s circle of relatives alleges that whilst law enforcement officials carried out the courtroom order by way of ensuring his appearance as in keeping with the warrant, they forgot about some other a part of the same order that ‘he will have to be medically have compatibility’. In its plea, a replica of which is with TOI, Bajrangi and his circle of relatives had previous said that they “worry a fake medical health certificates shall be procured” and his stumble upon will be “staged".

The warrant also makes a observe of Bajrangi’s plea on a March 1 incident within Jhansi prison through which he has levelled allegations towards an STF legit in Kanpur who sought help from an inmate to poison him.

TOI has also accessed Bajrangi's medical report within Jhansi prison which recorded high blood pressure, perspiration and breathlessness a minimum of four times in remaining 30 days. The information within prison have critiques by way of cardiologist, neurologist and normal physician. While June 21 medical report by way of one Dr Arvind mentions chest pain, a up to date one on July five by way of Dr Shrinivas recommended a mattress relaxation for Bajrangi. “Due diligence used to be adopted in all places. The remaining medical board also gave a clean chit and the prison officers and law enforcement officials have informed me that they ensured an ambulance with two medical doctors used to be provided to him," said home secretary Arvind Kumar.

Talking to TOI, his circle of relatives and lawyer then again asked why an ambulance used to be used to shift him overnight if the UP Police idea he used to be have compatibility. "All these traits elevate many questions on UP Police’s intentions,” said Vikas Srivastava, the advocate for Bajrangi and his circle of relatives.

The courtroom warrant has also mentioned that Bajrangi used to be appearing in Delhi and Varanasi courtroom handiest thru videoconferencing. A conversation has also surfaced through which a physician is talking with Bajrangi's lawyer admitting to his sickness.
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