‘What liquor ban? Beer on sale at traffic lights on highways’

CHANDIGARH: The Supreme Court order banning liquor retail outlets and sale of alcohol inside of 500 metres of national and state highways around the country is once more being flouted, in step with road safety activist Harman Sidhu, whose PIL resulted in the highway liquor ban.

To circumvent the ban, liquor vendors have began stationing salespersons at visitors lighting at the highways. As according to laws, liquor can be sold only through licensed/licensed liquor retail outlets/ retailers, however can't be sold at visitors lighting at the road.

The boy, wearing glasses on the market, was once the one who sold the beer cans to Harman Sidhu on the visitors gentle

Liquor vendors close to Sonipat on NH-44 (old NH-1) are overtly supplying beer to commuters at visitors lighting, said Sidhu, who purchased two beer cans on Monday from a visitors gentle dealer at the highway. The road safety activist was once returning to Chandigarh from Delhi on Monday. “These vendors unexpectedly appear close to visitors lighting and pass to each and every car waiting for visitors lighting to change and offer chilled beer on the market in the course of the street,” he informed TOI.

Sidhu said he even bought two cans of beer when he had to stop at a visitors gentle at the highway after crossing Sonipat against Murthal.

Road safety activist Sidhu finds tractor-trolley vend close to Ambala

Sidhu said, “It was once around 1.30 pm, however I don’t know the exact name of the world. I spotted a boy promoting beer to commuters. I purchased two beer cans on payment of Rs 360 and he even promised to provide me whiskey of any brand, if I parked my car at roadside for some time. I clicked his photographs as smartly. He informed me that a number of individuals were promoting beer like water bottles on visitors lighting since a very long time and are making just right cash.”

When contacted, Nanha Ram Phullay, deputy excise and taxation commissioner (excise), Sonipat, said promoting alcohol at visitors lighting is surely an unlawful act and a significant factor, particularly when law enforcement officials are deployed at such spaces. “I can individually visit such spaces to determine and will take strict action, if such violations are discovered,” Phullay added.

Giving details extra such violations, Sidhu said he had also discovered a tractor-trolley transformed into a liquor vend parked closed to the National Higway-44 reverse Indian Oil depot close to Ambala.

According to Sidhu, Haryana’s excise division has been denying violations he has highlighted through various packages in the Punjab and Haryana high court. He added that violation of the SC verdict is rampant in the state.

Sidhu asserted that just lately Haryana's excise division had claimed earlier than the high court that every one liquor vends in Bhiwani and Jhajjar districts were issuing bills on purchase of liquor. “I had despatched my consultant to each the districts who purchased liquor and when he requested for the invoice, the salespersons weren't even conscious about the availability of issuing bills on sale of liquor,” said Sidhu.
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