Robot themed restaurant opened in Coimbatore

COIMBATORE: An idea seen in “Avengers” and other super hero movies and maybe in eating places in another country has now come to Coimbatore. A group of 5 youngsters, who are passionate about theme-based eating places, have opened a robotic themed restaurant in the town.
Robots pick out up the meals from the kitchen and ship it at the customer’s table. Customers can pick out up the meals from the tray.

The robotic may also have the ability to hit upon someone blocking its method and request them to move out in their method.

“When one among our companions, Venkatesh, travelled in another country, robots served him at some eating places in China and even Africa,” said Karthikeyan, one of the five companions of the restaurant. “He made up our minds to bring the idea that to India,” he said.

The youths, who were already operating an aeroplane themed Chinese restaurant, began operating on sourcing robots that would serve in eating places and understanding the best way to program and repair them.

“We in any case sourced them from an organization in another country. Venkatesh then went to the corporate and spent some time learning to program them, function them and even restore them,” said Karthikeyan.

“We started our first restaurant at the Old Mahabalipuram Road in Chennai round eight months in the past and named it Robot Themed Restaurant. It used to be a success, and many of our shoppers who visited the restaurant wanted us to return to Coimbatore. So we began operating on it,” he said.

The Coimbatore restaurant, which serves Chinese, Thai and Indian meals, has eight robots. Customers can position their order on an iPad. The meals ready via cooks is then transferred to the tray held via robots and they're programmed to serve it at the specific table. However, servers are hired to serve the meals from the robotic’s tray to the client’s plate.

“We made up our minds to employ servers so that they may be able to provide an explanation for the names of the dishes to the customers as a result of now we have many kinds of breads, fried rice and gravies,” said Karthikeyan.

“Currently now we have no longer been ready to cut back team of workers energy as a result of now we have two people to function the robots on my own,” he said.

The robots cost round Rs 7 lakh each.

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