Population Research Centre plagued by handicaps

VISAKHAPATNAM: The estimated figure of India’s present population is dutifully up to date on a panel at the gate of the Population Research Centre on the Chinna Waltair Main Road in the town on the eve of the World Population Day once a year, taking into account a just right image in the newspapers on July 11.
Inside the centre, on the other hand, there turns out is a limited scope for endeavor research initiatives with regards to circle of relatives planning, demographic research and organic studies & qualitative aspect of population keep an eye on in the area to lend a hand update executive policies – the purpose for which the centre was once set up long ago in 1978 right here in the Andhra University campus.

An austere loss of researchers is what's plaguing the Population Research Centre in Vizag, the only such institute in the two Telugu states. Against a sanctioned energy of 8 researchers, it's at the moment run with handiest two contractual investigators and one honorary director who's sourced from the Andhra University’s Statistics, Mathematics and Applied Mathematics Department in whose premises the centre is about up.

The centre, some of the 18 PRCs run around the nation through the ministry of health and circle of relatives welfare (MoHFW) of the government of India, is categorized as a Type-II PRC and has a sanctioned staffing development of 1 senior research officer, one research officer, two research investigators, two field investigators and two research fellows on contractual basis aside from three place of business staff.

“From 2008 onwards, the staff energy was once steadily on a decline for retirement and many others. causes. What we now have with us now's the 2 research investigators on contract,” says B Muniswamy, a professor in the statistics department of the AU who's conserving the extra fee of the honorary director of the PRC.

“A committee visited us a few months again promising to seem into the staff strengthening aspect. As the research this is field based totally, a just right selection of investigators would allow us find out about various aspects of population’s health and many others. and also acquire initiatives from out of doors companies like the UN bodies, native GVMC aside from the MoHFW,” Muniswamy says.

The PRCs are fully funded through the MoHFW and are ruled through its pointers issued every so often on the staffing development, eligibility conditions for filling quite a lot of posts. These PRCs are on the other hand under the executive keep an eye on of their host University or Institutions which this is the AU.

In 1989, the Governing Council of the United Nations Development Programme beneficial that 11 July be observed through the international group as World Population Day.
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