In Ambala, Yamraj has a lesson for helmetless riders

AMBALA: If you are riding a two-wheeler with out a helmet in Ambala, you may simply run into Yamraj.
This Yamraj may even scare you with ‘Yamalok’ to ensure you put on a helmet the next time you pressure.

But don’t fear. It’s all simply an act.

This light-hearted initiative, though with a strong message, is an try by Ambala traffic police to encourage other folks to offer protection to their heads before they ride out on two-wheelers. Such has been the success of the pressure that the ‘Yamraj’ just lately were given grasp of Ambala former deputy mayor Sudhir Jaiswal.

Ambala traffic in-charge Manish Kumar says the initiative has been taken to make other folks needless to say they should fear loss of life if they are riding a two-wheeler with out a helmet. “Our purpose is not to scare other folks, but to educate them. In most instances, commuters do not put on helmets. That is why we're encouraging them to put on helmets,” says Kumar.

Jaiswal calls the initiative by traffic police a just right one. “There are many people who do not obey traffic regulations. Unfortunately, I too landed in a situation where I could put on the helmet. I've promised the Yamraj that I might put on a helmet everytime I ride a two-wheelers any further,” Jaiswal says.

Two of the busiest national highways in the country, Number 1 and 21, move through Ambala. With awareness lacking among residents, many motorists disobey traffic regulations in the Haryana the town. More than 30 other folks had been killed in highway accidents in Ambala prior to now one month.

4 black spots on the town

Haryana Vision Zero and Ambala district administration have recognized 4 black spots in the the town, together with the crossing on NH 1, opposite Jaggi filling station; Sultanpur turn, Shastri Colony turn, and Zila Sainik Board turn. They have also recognized 3 crucial spots — Saha Chowk, Aggarsain Chowk in Naraingarh, and Maharana Pratap Chowk in Barara. Two roads — Ambala-Hisar and Mullana -Jagadhri — also are being checked.

In Ambala, Yamraj has a lesson for helmetless riders In Ambala, Yamraj has a lesson for helmetless riders Reviewed by kailash soni on July 21, 2018 Rating: 5
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