Formalin fallout: Government to crack down on fish traders in state

BHUBANESWAR: With fish markets closed on Saturday for Rath Yatra, the state govt is making plans to widen crackdown on investors from Sunday onwards to determine use of hazardous chemical compounds like formalin for preservation.
Formalin content used to be found in a pomfret fish sold in Unit-Four market of town on Friday. A group of 12 professionals from the fisheries and animal sources development (Fard) department conducted laboratory checks on nine sorts of fish samples amassed from the market and found strains of formalin within the pomfret, an legitimate supply mentioned.

Fard secretary Vishal Gagan mentioned the state govt is investigating into detection of formalin from the pomfret fish. "We will take stringent action against the traders or fish dealers for using the hazardous chemical like formalin in fish and prawns," he added.

"We will start conducting raids on markets from Sunday and collect samples to conduct laboratory tests. District collectors have been asked to collect samples from their respective districts for test. If found guilty of adulteration, the traders or dealers will face action," he added.

Ramachandra Rout, additional director of well being department, mentioned the consumers should stay some points in mind while purchasing fish or prawns from the market.

"They should avoid discoloured and deteriorated fish or prawns. People should not purchase fish with black spots and blistered portions. Broken and damaged fish and prawns have foreign matter in them," he added.

Formalin-laced fish or prawns glance arduous because formalin hardens the tissues of the our bodies. The adulterated fish scent differently from regular ones, mentioned Rout.

Doctors warn that people eating formalin-laced fish and prawns unknowingly can invite severe well being issues.

Ashok Kumar Mohapatra, director of well being programmes, SOA deemed- to-be University, mentioned, "Formalin is a poisonous substance and it is not edible. If it goes to our body, we will face different health problems. Our internal bodies like liver, kidney and heart may be affected by the impact of formalin."

He mentioned the substance is used in human our bodies for conserving them from decaying.

Manoj Kumar Sahu, gastroenterologist, mentioned, "Formalin is a toxic substance which can harden the tissues and cells of the body. This can cause damage to internal organs. In the long run, this can cause cancer."
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